GEM supplements

GEM Supplements

Gem Supplements was founded by Brian Wall, a successful pigeon fancier. Gem is still owned and operated by active pigeon fanciers who have a daily involvement in our sport. This level of involvement is great for the development of their products and clearly demonstrates the advantages of their supplements and mixes.

GEM supplements

  • Gemthepax
  • Strike II
  • Stamox Vet
  • Trikanox
  • Flight Fuel
  • Progem-Plus
  • Impact
  • Energy Oil
  • Gardex
  • Gem Ultra-Vits
  • Electro-B
  • Aqua-Guard
  • Breathezz
  • Oregano & Garlic Oils


  • The Matrix - Matrix a complete combination of Minerals, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Trace Elements,Grits (hard & soft) Including Red stone, Pink Mineral Powder, Clay Blocks, and the finest Conditioning seeds.

Premium Pigeon Mixes

  • G10's - High Performance Pellets
  • Breeding Plus
  • Young Bird Plus
  • Fat Mix
  • Supreme
  • Super Moulting Plus
  • Gem Plus
  • Europa Classic

General Mixes

  • Breeding - A well balanced popular mixture for breeding and resulting in super YB's.
  • Royale - Super strong mix with all the required ingrediants for racing birds.
  • Super Widowhood - 15 different ingrediants in this superb mix and especially prepared for racing cocks.
  • Premier - Gem's 'Best All Round Balanced Mixture' for racing, breeding and moulting.
  • Special - A slightly heavier feed for fanciers that like to give a good strong mixture.
  • Young Bird No Maize - A super young bird mixture and very popuLar with fanciers that feed YB's no maize
  • Protein - Strong stuff for the distant flyers.
  • X.L - Our 'Four Seasons Mix' for all round use.
  • Mouting Mix - Super mix with plenty of oil seeds for a perfect moult.
  • Depurative - An excellent breakdown mixture.
  • Winter Resting Mix - A really good mix for resting birds and not all barley like some winter mixes.
  • Concorde - Very popular mix especially for YB's. Although fanciers use it to breed and race on.
  • Trapping & Condition - To help with trapping and bring on condition.
  • Super Sprint - Super not to heavy racing mix and lighter than Royale for instance.
  • High Protein Economy - A sound economic mixture at the right price with pleany of peas.
  • Super Red
  • Economic Winter Special
  • Super Treat
  • Ruby
  • Cowood
  • Breed & Wean
  • PLX
  • Super Diet
  • GemTurbo All Round Mix
  • Champion Yellow
  • Economic Breeding
  • Economic High Protein
  • Malting Barley
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