GEM supplements

GEM Supplements

Gem Supplements was founded by Brian Wall, a successful pigeon fancier. Gem is still owned and operated by active pigeon fanciers who have a daily involvement in our sport. This level of involvement is great for the development of their products and clearly demonstrates the advantages of their supplements and mixes.

GEM supplements

  • Gemthepax
  • Strike II
  • Stamox Vet
  • Trikanox
  • Flight Fuel
  • Progem-Plus
  • Impact
  • Energy Oil
  • Gardex
  • Gem Ultra-Vits
  • Electro-B
  • Aqua-Guard
  • Breathezz
  • Oregano & Garlic Oils


  • The Matrix - Matrix a complete combination of Minerals, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Trace Elements,Grits (hard & soft) Including Red stone, Pink Mineral Powder, Clay Blocks, and the finest Conditioning seeds.

Premium Pigeon Mixes

  • G10's - High Performance Pellets
  • Breeding Plus
  • Young Bird Plus
  • Fat Mix
  • Supreme
  • Super Moulting Plus
  • Gem Plus
  • Europa Classic

General Mixes

  • Breeding - A well balanced popular mixture for breeding and resulting in super YB's.
  • Royale - Super strong mix with all the required ingrediants for racing birds.
  • Super Widowhood - 15 different ingrediants in this superb mix and especially prepared for racing cocks.
  • Premier - Gem's 'Best All Round Balanced Mixture' for racing, breeding and moulting.
  • Special - A slightly heavier feed for fanciers that like to give a good strong mixture.
  • Young Bird No Maize - A super young bird mixture and very popuLar with fanciers that feed YB's no maize
  • Protein - Strong stuff for the distant flyers.
  • X.L - Our 'Four Seasons Mix' for all round use.
  • Mouting Mix - Super mix with plenty of oil seeds for a perfect moult.
  • Depurative - An excellent breakdown mixture.
  • Winter Resting Mix - A really good mix for resting birds and not all barley like some winter mixes.
  • Concorde - Very popular mix especially for YB's. Although fanciers use it to breed and race on.
  • Trapping & Condition - To help with trapping and bring on condition.
  • Super Sprint - Super not to heavy racing mix and lighter than Royale for instance.
  • High Protein Economy - A sound economic mixture at the right price with pleany of peas.
  • Super Red
  • Economic Winter Special
  • Super Treat
  • Ruby
  • Cowood
  • Breed & Wean
  • PLX
  • Super Diet
  • GemTurbo All Round Mix
  • Champion Yellow
  • Economic Breeding
  • Economic High Protein
  • Malting Barley
medpet pigeon supplements

Medpet and The Pigeon Arch

UK sole supplier of Medpet products

In 2016 The Pigeon Arch approached Medpet, South Africa to become the sole suppler of Medpet pigeon supplements for the UK.

Medpet have been developing vitamins, supplements, nutraceuticals since 1988. Medpet initially focussed on the development of vitamins and healthcare products for specialist pigeon and avian market, before expanding to include supplements for cats and dogs.

The company slogan “The Scientific Alternative” reflects Medpet’s desire to produce tried and tested products, maintaining quality and affordability.

Racing pigeons are performance birds and conditioning is essential to making them competitive. Unfortunately they are also prone to disease and ailments, due to the environment they live in and the close proximity to other birds.

When Medpet first started out their were only a limited number of other companies producing products for homing pigeons and they could be expensive and difficult to obtain. Fanciers would resort to using products designed for other animals and would have to guess at quantities and results. Medpet brough a more scientific approach to pigeon supplements and many champion pigeon fanciers in South Africa and around the world, achieved impressive racing results using Medpet products. (see our section on News & Testimonials).

If you are new to Medpet vitamins, supplements, nutraceuticals feel free to call 07904592201  or email Darren at The Pigeon Arch to get some advice.