Pigeon feed, conditioning supplements and loft supplies Middlesbrough, Cleveland

The Pigeon Arch supplies pigeon feed, supplements, bedding and accessories to pigeon fanciers throughout the United Kingdom from their shop in Middlesbrough (Cleveland), in the North East of England.

Whether you're interest is in showing fancy pigeons, Rollers, High Flyers, Tipplers or Tumblers, we can provide feed and supplements to keep your birds and lofts in top condition.

Owned and operated by successful pigeon breaders, we are happy to provide help and advice to both novice and seasoned pigeon owners on the most suitable types of feed, conditioning supplements and minerals required to keep your racing pigeons in excellent condition.

The Pigeon Arch is the only UK based supplier of Medpet vitamins and suppliments.

Everything you need to keep your pigeons fit and healthy

If there is something you need give us a call or drop in to our Cleveland shop, we have an extensive range of products in store or we can source it from one of our suppliers.

  • GEM Supplements

    GEM Supplements

    Gem Supplements was founded by Brian Wall, a successful pigeon fancier. Gem is still owned and operated by active pigeon fanciers who have a daily involvement in our sport. This level of involvement is great for the development of their products and clearly demonstrates the advantages of their supplements and mixes.
  • Medpet and The Pigeon Arch

    Medpet and The Pigeon Arch

    In 2016 The Pigeon Arch approached Medpet, South Africa to become the sole suppler of Medpet pigeon supplements for the UK. Medpet have been developing vitamins, supplements, nutraceuticals since 1988. Medpet initially focussed on the development of vitamins and healthcare products for specialist pigeon and avian market, before expanding to include supplements for cats and dogs.